Craft Organic Cannabis From Salt Spring Island, B.C.

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Craft Medical Cannabis Grown Naturally on Salt Spring Island, B.C


Canada’s First Outdoor License

On May 10, 2019, Good Buds received Canada’s first license to cultivate cannabis outdoors. We have a wholly-owned, 24-acre property, with more than 750,000 sqft of licensed cultivation space.

Our cultivation team bring passion and expertise, with more than a decade of experience growing organic, competition-grade outdoor cannabis.

Salt Spring Island Values

Good Buds is located on scenic Salt Spring Island, BC. The Island boasts Canada’s warmest climate. Pacific Ocean breezes stabilize temperatures year round, bringing long, dry summers that are perfectly suited for cultivating cannabis outdoors.

But Salt Spring Island is more than just a perfect climate. The island is a mecca of craft pesticide-free agriculture, cannabis culture, and quiet natural beauty. Much like the island, we believe in sustainable, craft cultivation and infuse these values into everything we do.

Solventless extractions

Good Buds’ unique extraction processes produces unrivaled purity and flavor. We do not introduce any harmful solvents at any point during our extractions to maintain organic purity in our extractions.

Licensed and safe

Good Buds has a license cultivate under the Cannabis Act.

All our products are quality-controlled and third-party laboratory tested to guarantee patient safety, and to provide consistency and standardization to our product line.