Craft Organic Cannabis From Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Good Buds

Canada’s First Licensed Outdoor Grow


Salt Spring Island craft

Nestled in the sheltered waterways of the Pacific Ocean’s Salish Sea, Salt Spring Island is home to some of Canada's best natural craft products. Good Buds is committed to building on Salt Spring Island's reputation.

Quality is Our Mission

At Good Buds, our mission is simple:

Grow the best cannabis in organic soils sustainably.

Taste the Difference

The best cannabis starts with the best genetics.

Good Buds has teamed up with some of the best B.C. growers to breed the stickiest exotic strains - And we’re always on the hunt for more.

natural Buds and OIls

All Good Buds products are grown by an expert team in living organic soils.

Our commitment to natural quality doesn’t end at harvest - We only do solventless extractions to better maintain unique cannabanoid, terpene, and flavour profiles of our buds.

Cooperative at our Core

Good Buds respects the craft legacy that has been developed by pioneering growers and processing in the decades leading up to cannabis legalization.

We’re not looking to stomp out the competition. We’re looking to partner up with cannabis breeders, growers, extractors and brands to create mutually-beneficial co-productions.