Craft Organic Cannabis From Salt Spring Island, B.C.

 Good people + good cannabis... name a more iconic duo.

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Good Buds is a Canadian-owned and family-operated team of experts, enthusiasts, and industry-disruptors who are all crazy committed to putting your high first.

It all started in 2017, when brothers, Tyler and Alex Rumi, purchased a 24-acre plot of land on Salt Spring Island, BC. Why Salt Spring, you ask? Well, our commitment to organic, craft cannabis needed the right home to grow, and the Salt Spring community shared our vision for all things quality, craft, and sustainable.

On top of that, with “BC Bud” being world-renowned for decades, we knew that this was the ultimate place to put down roots and work towards a new standard for Canadian cannabis.

Now we’ve grown to more than 750,000 sq ft of licensed production space and our refined, champion strains are producing high-voltage, sustainably-grown, cannabis Buds, and extracts.

We’re not out to achieve the impossible, we’re just hard-set to discover exactly how high we can go.